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Developer Guide

Why Zero Trust in Web3?

Zero trust is a modern security strategy based on the never trust, always verify principle. Instead of assuming everything behind the application, database, or AI model is safe, the Zero Trust framework assumes a breach (has happened already or will happen soon) and verifies each request as though it originates from an open network. More to read

The Framework of Mind Network's Zero Trust Layer

MindSAP: Fully Homomorphic Encryption based Stealth Address Protocol

Mind Network developed the Fully Homomorphic Encryption-based Dual-key Stealth Address Protocol (FHE-DKSAP) through Ethereum Foundation Fellowship Program and received Ethereum Grant support. This protocol employs stealth addresses to enhance transactional privacy and security, a concept recently spotlighted by Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin. More to read

MindLake: Fully Homomorphic Encryption based Data Privacy Rollup

Mind Lake is a decentralized zero trust data lake. It is built on Mind Network's Full Zero Trust solution (more details in next section) with our patented Adaptive Fully Homomorphic Encryption technique to enable end-to-end encrypted computation and storage for on-chain private data. More to read

Use Cases:

  • CBDC Chain to Public Chain Transfers: More than 110 countries are piloting CBDCs. Mind Network facilitates secure and compliant interactions between CBDC national chains to Web3.
  • Bank Chain to Public Chain Transfers: Mind Network's Zero Trust Layer is set to play a significant role in the burgeoning Real-World Assets (RWA) market, projected to be $5T of assets by as early as 2030 by CitiBank. As the only security and privacy solution partner to Chainlink CCIP, Mind Network is solving this demand by implementing Zero Trust into the transaction layer of these assets.
  • Public Chain to Public Chain Transfers: Partnering with Chainlink CCIP, Mind Network is to ensure private and secure transfers across various public networks to make bridge solutions more trusable.
  • Single Chain Privacy Enhancements: As a 1st winning solution from MetaMask ETHSG Hackathon, Mind Network offers enhanced transactional privacy for onchain transfer, swap, staking, etc.. It is able to comply with regulation frameworks from different regions
  • Cross-Chain Messaging Encryption: Securing cross-chain communication for on-chain games and social apps through Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) techniques.

How to develop with:

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