Mind Network

Community Guide

Welcome, Minder!
Congratulations on joining the Mind Network community. As your friend, let us guide you on how to immerse yourself in the Mind Network experience and, of course, how to contribute to Mind Network and earn incentives.

About Mind Network:

Mind Network is one the first tokenized startups to bring an FHE product to the market, applying the long-awaited 'Holy Grail of Encryption' to Web3. Mind Network combines Fully Homomorphic Encryption with Stealth Address Protocol (FHE DK-SAP) to achieve private and secure value transfers, addressing two problems simultaneously:
1.) The need for privacy with Web3 data and
2.) The security protocol necessary for Web2 and traditional finance to enter Web3 while remaining compliant with regulators.
For this innovation, Mind Network received an Ethereum Grant and won the EthSingapore Hackathon. Mind Network's investors include Binance Labs, Hashkey, Comma3, SevenX, and other notable investors. It is incubated through Binance Incubation Session 5, Chainlink BUILD, Ethereum Fellowship Program, and Consensys Startup School.

How to Contribute and Join Mind Network's Campaigns:

We offer two types of incentivized loyalty points:
1.) For community loyalty points, visit Zealy: [https://zealy.io/c/mindnetwork4781/]
2.) For product loyalty points, visit Galxe: [https://galxe.com/MindNetwork] (We have announced the launch of its Fully Homomorphic Encryption-based Zero Trust Layer testnet campaign on Galxe)
Mind Network loyalty points are designed to incentivize and recognize the contributions made by members of the Mind Network community. These loyalty points can be earned by completing various tasks and activities on Zealy & Galxe, such as social media engagement, community contributions, product participation, and more. Also, we will reward you with the M/X/S contributor roles if you reach a specific XP level on Zealy.

How to Stay Updated and Become an OG in Mind Network:

Follow us on Twitter and join our communities if you haven't. Please note we never DM you first and always follow our official announcements.
For support, please open a ticket in Discord or DM our admins. We always welcome suggestions. Your input is what makes us better.